The Coming Messiah: Lying in a Manger

There was no room at the Inn for Jesus to be born. While the Inn no doubt, was at full capacity, I suggest that that is not the real reason no room was found for Joseph and Mary to give birth to Jesus there. The real reason Jesus was born in, most likely a cave near by, and then, when wrapped in swaddling clothes was laid in a manger, a feeding trough to feed livestock, was because the Inn keeper did not know who the baby about to be born was. Had he known that this baby was the Messiah, the son of God, is there any question he would have made room for Joseph & Mary? So what about us? Do we have room for Jesus in our lives? It may be true that our lives are too full of stuff and activities that don’t leave room for Jesus, but that can’t be the real reason. The real reason that we don’t make room for Jesus is because we don’t really know who he REALLY is. I’m convinced that if we really knew Jesus, there would be plenty of room for him in our lives.