Jesus is the Great I Am: I Am the Bread of Life

We love to eat. Most of us have been hungry, and maybe even have said, “I’m starving.” But the truth is, most of us in American have never experienced true hunger, the kind of hunger that is characterized by a chronic lack of food. The ease with which we can satisfy almost any and every food craving by just driving through the nearest drive-through restaurant, is on the one hand nice and convent, but on the other hand may be contributing to a spiritual problem. The degree to which our material wants are so easily satisfied, may be masking a spiritual hunger that is going unnoticed. In John 6, Jesus uses the opportunity of people’s physical hunger to teach them about a spiritual hunger they have and how that is met only in himself. Jesus is the source of satisfaction for the deepest hunger of our soul. But too often we can’t get past our physical focus to accept it. Jesus is the Bread that comes down from heaven. If we would just believe him and accept him. Then we could find our souls most urgent satisfaction.