The Promise


University Church of Christ Mission Statement:
The University Church of Christ is a community of believers, secured in Christ, who are set apart for God’s purpose and who are being transformed into the likeness of Christ through whom we strive to praise, honor, and glorify God in every aspect of our lives.

You will find that we believe:

  • God is sovereign.
  • Jesus is the Son of God – the way, truth and light.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in each Christian.
  • The Bible is the inspired communication of God.
  • The Bible and only the Bible is God’s authority among all Christians
  • We receive salvation through our faith, God’s grace, and the blood of His son – Jesus.
  • Baptism is a faith response essential to salvation.
  • The greatest commandments are to love God and others.
  • God established a community of believers – His church
  • We invite you to come and experience a mutual walk with Jesus.

What is The Promise
In short, The Promise is a way for us to break out what our core values are, to explain why these values are important to our body, and verbalize how we try to put each value into action. To remind us about these values, we have created an acrostic, which spells out the word PROMISE. Below are those core values.